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Global Institute
for Motor Sport Safety

The Global Institute is an international organisation, based in Switzerland, that undertakes research to improve motor sport safety worldwide. It has a focus on practical research that has a direct impact on protection at all levels of motor sport, from professional categories to grassroots racing.

The purpose of the company is to do research and conduct crash investigations so as to develop procedures, practices and technologies that will improve safety in motor sport and on public roads, resulting in a sustained reduction in serious injuries and fatalities. This includes the safety of drivers, other participants, officials, spectators and the general public.

Motor sport safety research to be fully integrated into @FIA by the end of 2018:
about 3 months ago | @institutesafety

Featured Work


This project involved the development of racing nets to protect a GT or Touring car driver during a crash. These nets work by improving the vital protection area in lateral and angled side-impacts. They work alongside Frontal Head Restraints (FHR) to offer 360-degree protection to drivers.

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