High Speed Camera

DiagramWeb 800X400

This cockpit-mounted camera, which was introduced to Formula One in 2016, rapidly films the driver at up to 400 frames per second. The data captured by the camera provides accurate information of what happened to a driver in the event of a crash, which may have been missed by previous technology, and can help inform medical officials of any injuries a driver has sustained.

The research team at the Global Institute worked together with automotive and motor sport engineering company, Magneti Marelli, to create a prototype system that would record images in real time onto the memory of the car’s black box device, which was specifically designed to have the capacity and processing power to receive and record the video data.

The camera that has been developed is only 12mm wide, 25mm tall and around 80mm in length, roughly half the size of a smart phone. These specifications are designed so the camera can be integrated seamlessly into the cockpit of a single-seater car.