Accident Data Recorders

ADAC Formel 4 - 4. Event 2015 - Eurospeedway Lausitz, GER - Foto: Gruppe C GmbH

Accident Data Recorders (ADRs) capture data about the performance of a car during a crash, which can be downloaded and interpreted by researchers to study how the safety devices reacted during an impact.

“[ADRs] also help us understand how the driver’s safety equipment is performing and allows us to more fully understand the limits concerning drivers’ tolerance to injury,” says Andy Mellor, consultant for the Global Institute.

With ADRs working in conjunction with devices like the high-speed camera and the accelerometer, a bigger and fuller dataset can be collected and a better picture of an accident emerges. All of that data is then fed into the World Accident Database

Although Formula One, the World Rally Championship, and other high-profile series have already been using ADRs for some time, for many lower-level series the price of the system had prohibited its widespread use. But following research conducted by the Global Institute that successfully reduced costs, from the beginning of the 2015 season, ADRs became mandatory for all FIA Formula 4 championships around the world.