Roundtable B: The Future of Energy: Accelerating Energy Transition Strategies

This roundtable will analyze ongoing energy transition strategies based on the global commitment to meet the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change target to reduce CO2 emissions to prevent global surface temperatures from rising over 1.5C above pre-industrial levels, while taking into consideration the strategic challenges facing the sector due to the ongoing power struggle. Particular attention will be paid to the challenges facing Qatar’s LNG strategy, especially since Doha is on the verge of expanding its production by the equivalent of nearly two-thirds of its current capacity in the next four years.


Dr. Naser Al-Tamimi

Senior Associate Fellow of Italian Institute for International Political Studies, Rome and GISR Senior Research Associate

Dr. Bassam Fattouh

Director of the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Dr. Neil Quilliam

Associate Fellow, Middle East & North Africa Programme, Chatham House, Royal Institute of International Affairs


Dr. Leslie Alexander Pal

Dean, College of Public Policy, Hamad Bin Khalifa University

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